Julie Guttormson set out to make a difference. In your day, in your week, in your life.

To build an inspiring space to make you smile, laugh, have fun and burn serious calories. Where all ages and fitness levels feel welcome and thrive. Where measurement and motivated coaching would take you to the next level.

Believing that if you’re having fun while working to accomplish your fitness goals, you’ll have a greater chance of doing so. Whether it's to help scale your next mountain, ski your next line or get through a tough day at work. Keep up with the kids, your adventurous friends or even help rehab an injury. Julie wanted to bring the outdoors in, offering everyone the opportunity to move more efficiently and feel stronger, no matter the goal.

Julie wanted to build a social community through safe, effective programming built on authentic cycling and rowing techniques. So in 2012, she found that space and made it happen, setting an example of taking your passions seriously ... without taking yourself too seriously.