Please see our terms page for details.

Do you require cycling shoes and/or rent them?

Clipping in is not required but allows for a more effective workout and is encouraged. All bikes offer dual pedals with SPD clips on one side and a cage suitable for athletic shoes on the other. We do not offer shoe rental.

Are your classes for all levels? What if I can’t do everything?

We are proud to offer “classes for the masses”. All fitness levels and ages welcome. Both riding and rowing are based on efficiency and the intensity YOU create. You are in control and can ALWAYS take it at your own pace. Just let us know if it’s your first time and we’ll make sure to get you set up properly to help create a great experience.

Sharing Class Packs

All Class Packs can be shared by multiple people. In fact, you can share these passes with as many people as you like and even attend class at the same time. The more classes you buy, the better per-class price you receive. This is an economical option for a business or multiple friends to save money. Monthly-Unlimited passes cannot be shared. Please note the expiration date for each package and cancellation policy for each. We can connect accounts at your request or you can reserve for another person here.


Don't lose hope! No matter how far down on the wait-list, it is very common you'll still get in. When someone cancels, the next person on the wait-list is automatically moved into class. You will receive an email/text (must select in account preferences) immediately notifying you of the addition. You will not be charged if you do not get into the class, but you must cancel if you decide not to attend as we will continue to add clients to the list up to 1/2-hour before class starts. No-show results in the loss of a class pass or a $10 fee for unlimited passes.

Arriving Late + Leaving Early

To preserve the experience and respect other participants, we always prefer you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to every class. While you will be welcome late, your reserved space will only be guaranteed up to 10 minutes after the class start time. Open spots are filled first-come-first-serve.

Age Requirement

You must be 14 years or older to take any Revolution Indoor Cycling class. If you are under 18 years old, we’ll need a parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form before your first class.

Do you have locker rooms?

We have one changing room, one restroom and plenty of baskets and space to store your things during class. While we do not have showers, we provide towels, hair ties, face wipes, blow-dryer, dry shampoo, deodorant and hairspray to help put yourself back together “Jackson style”.


PB & J Daycare is right out our back door (literally) and offers drop-ins for $10 on a space available basis. Call 307.733.2216 for details.

Private Events + Parties

Let us personalize a rock-your-world class and cross a finish-line with your friends and co-workers by combining exercising, socializing and working as a team. Pick your class type, playlist, theme - LET’S PARTY! Perfect for bachelorette/bachelor parties, team-building, birthdays, charity events, corporate rides and more. Only the bounds of creativity limit the experience!

How often does the schedule change?

Schedules are reviewed monthly and based on attendance/demand. Classes are offered 7-days a week Oct-May. June-Sept our schedule tapers dramatically to early mornings with some lunch hour options. Purchase

Can I bring my own saddle and/or pedals to change out?

To preserve the life of our equipment and keep participants safe, this is never allowed.

Should I bring my own towel? Water?

A sweat towel is provided at no extra charge with each class. We have one water station to fill your own reusable bottle or a variety of RIC logo bottles for sale that range from $4-$30. Bottled-water is also available for $2 each. Disposable cups are not provided.

reservE for class or JUST drop-in?

If you want to drop in, feel free! We have 20 bikes and 16 rowers but some classes sell out in advance. We highly recommend reserving online or conveniently through the APP. Please note the strict 2-hour cancellation policy. See terms for details.

Can I come in and independently workout?

Our main offerings are group classes and personal training. You can OPEN RIDE during any INDO-ROW or SHOCKWAVE and there are often scheduled OPEN TRAIN opportunities Oct-May. Contact us if you are looking for extended hours in the studio or to arrange something specific to suit your needs.

Can I take a class if I’m pregnant?

We have many pre/postnatal participants during every stage of motherhood, however, we highly recommend you consult with your healthcare provider and review ACOG guidelines before taking a class with us both pre and post-delivery.